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Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to place an order, how soon should I place the request?
The sooner the better, even if the request is for the following year. I book up very fast and I do everything on a first come first serve basis.
Do you offer same day services?
For the most part, I do not offer same day services, but I will at times do cupcakes or bundt cakes same day if I am available.
Do you charge to deliver?
Yes I charge to deliver and depends on the location.
What days do you deliver?
Currently I can only deliver on Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday. Not able to deliver on Monday or Wednesday. Also I wouldn’t be able to deliver until after 5:30 during the week. Delivery availability will be discussed when finalizing the order request.
How do I place an order?
Please place order through the website. Click on menu and add each item you would need. Make sure you create an order number.
If I place an order, is it guaranteed?
No. Please understand that it is just me and I get a lot of requests. Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could get to every request, it is just not possible. If you do not get a call, text or an invoice from me, then I was unable to accommodate. Also, if I am in the middle of orders, I may not be able to respond to your as quickly as you would like.
Should I email you or go through the website?
It is preferred you place your request directly through the website. I get a lot of emails and sometimes the emails get overlooked. Even if you don’t know what you need or if what your entering doesn’t seem right, please still place the request and I will follow up with the corrections.
How do you accept payment?
I take cash, cash app, credit by invoice, zelle and venmo.
Do I make my payment directly through the website?
No. I will send a final invoice with the final amount.
Is the price on my order request the final price?
Not always. Some requests require more work than what is noted on the original order so the price may increase. Once I receive your order request, if I am able to accommodate, I will give you a finalized price and once confirmed, an invoice will be sent.
Can I choose multiple flavors with my cake pop and cupcake request?
No. For cake pops you can choose the flavor amounts listed on the page only. If I have other orders happening the same week, I may be able to take flavors from those requests and add to yours. If you ask for multiple flavors, I will take your top amounts per the size, and I will let you know if I may have those other flavors once I begin your request. For cupcakes, same thing, 1 flavor per every 12 cupcakes.
What happens if I need to cancel my order?
I understand that cancellations happen. Please make sure to contact me before I start the request. If you do not cancel and I start the request with no pickup or communication, I will not be able to provide treats for you going further. My time like anyone else’s is valuable and I would appreciate at least a phone call or message to let me know so I do not do work unnecessarily. Keep in mind, cake pops are very time consuming, and it can take me hours to complete a simple request.
Do you require a deposit on your order requests?
Deposits are required on orders of $100 or more
What is the best way to care for the pops?
Please make sure to keep pops cold. I state this as well as put a sticker on the final product that says to keep pops cold. Make sure the room the pops are in are cool because pops are dipped in chocolate and the warmer the room, the more likely the chocolate is to melt. This goes for all my products that involve chocolate including the cakesicles and breakable hearts. Breakable hearts need to be cold in order to have the breaking effect when presented.
Where should I go to see updates?
Please go to my Facebook page at Mone’s Cake Pops. All updates will be there including my availability. Make sure if you place an order request that you follow me on social media so you will not miss any updates.